Contributor:  Leonardo Nahoum
Coming soon: one of the most expected CDs of the last years - Ankh 'Cachaša - Live at rio ArtRock festival ┤99' !!!
Some folks still remember the fantastic concert of the still obscure, at that time, Polish band Ankh (although they already had more than 100.000 albums sold in homeland Poland, most of the prog world did not yet known them). The furious quartet hit the stage at more than 3 in the morning and didn┤t leave stone over stone !!!
After several months of hard recovery work on the original multi-track tapes (done by sound 'magician' engineer Vinicius Brazil, guitar player of Aether), the album is starting to take its final shape at the hands of designer Rodrigo Araujo (responsible by the booklets of Terreno Baldio and Recordando o Vale das MašŃs reissues).
I can say without fear of contradiction that you should expect one of the greatest prog live albums of all times. A precious souvenir of that fantastic night at the Teatro da Galeria theatre, when the music kept rolling until 4:20h in the morning !!! Lancelooooooooooot... !!!