About Us
Rock Symphony was born in October 1997 as a label/distribution/production company specialized in progressive rock and related genres such as electronic, hard rock and progmetal. We could say that its prehistory lies in the pages of the "Enciclopédia do Rock Progressivo" (Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock), a book in Portuguese published in 1995 by journalist Leonardo Nahoum, founder and president of the label. Trying to create a greater diversity in the Brazilian and (why not?) global musical scene, our main activity is the release of CDs by contemporary and well-known artists working within the boundaries of a musical genre which has among its ranks names like Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes, Renaissance, O Terço and Sagrado Coração da Terra.
Rock Symphony's cast presents a good balance between Brazilian active artists (the bands Tempus Fugit and Ashtar are excellent examples) and obscure but incredibly inpressive foreign groups (such as Uruguayan combo Drama or Italian powerhouse Malibran). On top of that, Rock Symphony also acts in the showbusiness, organizing the Rio ArtRock Festival, one of the biggest Latin American events dedicated to progressive rock, since 1996 bringing true legends to the Brazilian stages. We also produced both Flower Kings tours in our country (1998 and 2000) and the long-awaited first appearance by English band Camel (5 memorable concerts in 4 different cities).

Among our credentials, we could mention that we have a very good personal and institutional relationship with most of the biggest names within the progressive rock scene worldwide. Together with French label Musea, for example, we have more than a dozen joint-releases, that is, CDs released by Rock Symphony in Brazil which also figure in Musea's catalogue, receiving from them distribution and exposure in all of the EEC.

We also feel it to be very important to be present at all major progfestivals around the world, to meet people and to have Rock Symphony albums available at such great events. So, we have so far attended Progfest 1994, 1995, 2000, Baja Prog 1998 through 2003 and Buenos Aires Prog 1999.

Apart from actually being there, we have also been involved in bringing some great names to these festivals above and others such as Classic Rock Festival and ProgSud, sometimes just by way of an email suggestion to the organizers, sometimes getting a little more into the actual planning of the band's appearance, sometimes even with finantial help (like with Tempus Fugit at ProgFest 2000 and Buenos Aires Prog 1999).

Rock Symphony is very proud to be part of such a great community! We hope you enjoy the shows, the site, the CDs!!!