Contributor:  Leonardo Nahoum
New copies from Musea: we received new copies on most of Musea back catalogue! See the list.
We've just got over 700 Musea CDs, mostly repositions. Here is the first part of the list of CDs reactivated:
Ange 'Caricatures', 'Tome IV' and 'Guet-apens', Asia Minor 'Crossing the line', Christian Decamps et Fils 'Le mal d'Adam', Carpe Diem 'Cueille le Jour' and 'En regardant...', Cirkel "the first goodbye', Cos 'Postaeolian Train Robbery', Deyss 'Vision in the dark', Flyte 'Dawn dancer', Happy the Man 'Crafty Hands', Hecenia 'La couleur du feu", III Milênio 'Aliança dos Tempos', Iman 'Camino de la aguila', In Spe 'Typewriter concerto', Jean Pascal Boffo 'Carillons' and 'Nomades', Kaipa 'same' and 'Solo', Kerrs Pink 'Mellom Oss' and 'A Journey on the inside', Lorenzini 'Orchestra V', Magdalena 'same', Mona Lisa 'Avant Quíl...'. (TO BE CONTINUED)