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Fabio Golfetti & Invisible Opera Tropical Version  
1993 - Brasil - Rock Symphony.
Glissando Spirit

Digipack, edição limitada de 500 cópias. Contém uma bonus track. This is the original mix of the album Glissando Spirit released as an LP in 1993. Invisible Opera Company of Tibet is a code name created by the poet-musician Daevid Allen of the Gong band, which original idea is, as he says, “an international ideological/spiritual/ aesthetic communications network for artists of all kinds…. who share the common vision of warm hearted. pan-stylistic, inclusive art forms which serve the drive towards conscious evolution”. From Brazil, the musician Fabio Golfetti of the psychedelic/prog band Violeta De Outono, contacted Daevid to connect the Invisibles in his country under the title Invisible Opera (Tropical Version). Around 1993 there were Invisible Operas working simultaneously (or almost) in UK, with Brian Abbott, in Australia with Russell Hibbs and maybe another in California. In April/ May of 1993 during trip through Asia, Fabio collected ideas for the album “Glissando Spirit” that was originally released by the label Low Life Records. The album explores some aspects of oriental music and space-rock performed on guitars and synthesizers.